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Workshop: Rational Use of Pesticides

Updated: Apr 17

A few words from the Coordinator of NextGenBioPest:

Dear all,

With pleasure I announce the Workshop “Rational use of  pesticides/biopesticides within IPM” that will take place on Monday 22  April 2024 in Heraklion Crete  (+ virtual attendance) - without registration fees. This workshop will provide, among others,  clustering activities and networking with relevant EU projects -  important for EU.

For more information please contact Dr Evangelia Morou (email: and Dr Marianna Kotzabasaki (email:

Best wishes,

John Vontas

The Workshop/Course is organised in the framework of the following EU-funded projects:

-NextGenBioPest: Next Generation Biopesticides for the Control of the Most “Difficult-To-Manage” Pests and

Pathogens in Fruits and Vegetables, GA: 101136611

-FF-IPM: Fruit Flies In-silico Prevention & Management, GA: 818184

-RATION: Risk Assessment Innovation for Low-Risk Pesticides, GA: 101084163.

-MicroBioPest: Microbial Biopesticides to Control Disease Vectors and Agricultural Pests, GA: 101087110

-CypTox: Training next level scientists &researchers to develop highly selective and safe insecticides, GA: 101007917

You can find the agenda here:

Download PDF • 337KB


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