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NextGenBioPest in "Patras Innovation Quest"

On Saturday, 25/11/23, the President of the Board of Directors of Smart Agro Hub, and the Vice-Rector of the Agricultural University of Athens, Dr. Thomas Bartzanas, along with our Innovation Grant Application Expert, Thanos Karvounis, participated in the event "Competence Centers: Catalyst for the Development and Exploitation of Innovation."

Dr. Bartzanas showcased not only our cutting-edge tools and services, but also presented our ongoing research projects - WATSON, EXCEL4MED, TRUSTFOOD and hashtag#KNOWFARM. As a sneak peek into the future, he introduced our upcoming projects: FOODGUARD, TALLHEDA, NextGenBioPest, hashtag#SOSFOOD, and hashtag#PROVER.

It was a great opportunity to reunite with partners and friends from other Competence Centers, including Hellenic-CAM, I4byDesign I Competence Center, p-NET Emerging Networks & Vertical Applications, Architectural Aluminium Academy, Energy Competence Center P.C. and Teaching Factory Competence Center who showcased the incredible progress of their organizations. Mutual collaboration has proven to be an important part in our pathway to growth!

Let's continue to innovate, collaborate and pave the way for a future of success and excellence!


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